Manko Aawaz

Manko Aawaz (मनको आवाज) Radio Program:

Manko aawaz is Mental Health issues based radio program which is support by National Mental Health Network-Nepal. 21 Non Government Organization NGO are involve in National Mental Health Network-Nepal. which is as follows:

  1. Livelihoods Education and Development Society (LEADS)
  2. Kopila Nepal
  3. Elijah Counseling and Training Center
  4. Ankur Counseling Center
  5. Tansen Mission Hospital
  6. United Mission to Nepal
  7. Mukti network
  8. Richmond Fellowship Nepal (RFN)
  9. Mental Health and Research Center Nepal (MARC)
  10. Higher Ground Counseling Center
  11. Nepal Mental Health Foundation
  13. Children & Women in Social Service & Human Rights
  14. KOSHISH Mental Health Self-Help Organization
  15. Centre for Victims of Torture, Nepal
  16. Maryknoll Nepal
  17. Transcultural Psychosocial Organization Nepal
  18. Chhahari Nepal for Mental Health
  19. Tansen Hospital
  20. ……….
  21. ……..

Manko Aawaz radio program broadcast from National Media (Radio Nepal) on every Tuesday morning 8:15 am to 8:35 am.

Program Team:

Nepal’s best media personnel are involve in this “manko aawaz” radio program.

Niraj Shrestha

Niraj Shrestha

Project Coordinator

Dipak Samir
Anju Deuja

Niraj Shrestha                                      Dipak Samir                                              Anju Deuja

(Project coordinator)                      (Writer/presenter/Producer)                               (Drama Artist)

Producing Radio Program “Manko Aawaz

Listen or Download Radio Program :

Manko Aawaz 8th April, 2014 (मनको आवाज 2070-12-18)

Manko Aawaz 1st April, 2014 (मनको आवाज 2070-12-18)

Manko Aawaz 25th March,2014 (मनको आवाज 2070-12-11)

Manko Aawaz  18th Mar, 2014 (मनको आवाज 2070-12-04)

Manko Aawaz, 11th Mar, 2014

Manko Aawaz,  4th Mar, 2014

Manko Aawaz, 25th Feb,2014

Manko Aawaz, 18th Feb,2014

Manko Aawaz, 11th Feb, 2014

Manko Aawaz, 4th Feb,2014

Manko Aawaz, 28th Jan,2014 

Manko Aawaz, 21st Jan, 2014

Manko Aawaz, 14th Jan,2014

Manko Aawaz, 7th Jan, 2014